I Zombie I gets a facelift

No, I didn’t take my favorite zombie in for botox today. What I did was a bit of tweaking to the cover of everyone’s favorite Zombie novel – I Zombie I. Why? Let me tell you a little story.

Sample Sunday: I Zombie I

It’s been a while since I’ve featured the first of my “I Zombie” trilogy, I Zombie I, here on Get Jack’d for #samplesunday. So, I decided it’s time to treat my readers to a bit of zombie fun. And remember, the second book in the series, My Zombie My, hits the shelves August 4 (which […]

Twitter ettiquette — twettiquette

Lately I’ve been developing a bit of a sore spot on my fingertips for many a twitter user. The purpose of twitter was to help build social community, connect with one another, make friends…but obviously the world tends to twist original intent around and make it ugly.

Zombie promotions and beta readers

One of my beta readers for the upcoming My Zombie My came up with a brilliant idea last night for a promotion for the book — a mock “radio station” slash site akin to those used in My Zombie My.

The Great Giveaway

It’s time ladies and gents…time for me to begin the great giveaway circus. That’s right, for those interested, there shall be prizes. The prizes? My books (what did you expect, a brand new car? A cool zombie butler?). What I am going to do is start with giving away digital copies of my books (at […]

Coffee Talk with Lizzy Ford

I had the pleasure of “sitting down” for a chat with Lizzy Ford recently. Instead of the usual Q&A, I decided to simply start a dialog with Lizzy and let it go where it wanted to go. What developed was a genuinely wonderful conversation that I think offers plenty for indie authors to learn from.

My favorite zombie things

I love zombies. How can you not love their aimless, shambling, mind-chomping goodness? Of course, I have to love zombies — I write about them. But I also like to find silly zombie tidbits. So…I thought I’d share a few of them with you today.