It’s LIVE! Get your copy of “I Zombie I”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, after many months of re-tooling, re-working, and practically re-booting, I Zombie I is finally ready for your reading pleasure.

Overcoming chaos with spreadsheets

One of the writers worst enemies is chaos. Not that chaos can not play a useful part of our lives as writers, I am a frequently flyer of the Chaos Airlines when writing scenes and stories (a little chaos will go a long way in creating roadblocks for characters.) But as a general rule, chaos […]

Sample Sunday: I Zombie I

Yet again, it’s Sample Sunday. Here is a portion of Chapter 2, from my up-coming book “I Zombie I”. This book will hit the e-shelves in about a week and then, shortly after, will be available in paperback! Check back for more details.

Writer Help: Manuscript backup tips

Being a geek I know a thing or two about backing up files. In fact, I make part of my living managing backups. And as a writer, I know how crucial those backups are. So crucial are backups, I always backup to multiple sources — at all times. I’m paranoid. I refuse to let the […]

Write or Promote: That is the real question

My life has become so incredibly busy. I basically hold two full-time jobs, have a family, oh — and I try to write and promote my books. Needless to say, it’s exhausting. On the book front, I have three books going at once (all three at different stages) and have to figure out ways to […]

Interview with a Zombie

With my soon to be released apocalyptic, distopian, zombie-rific book about to be released, I thought it might be good to interview one of the characters from that book. Although the book takes place in Munich, Germany, the language of the zombie is very much akin to the launguage of love — it’s universal. So, […]

Helping Writers: Quick tips for word processors

To each of us, the one tool we can not work without is the word processor. Oh sure some of us (me included) start out with our books in old-school ink and paper form, but eventually that work must be transferred to digital format. When this happens, it’s always best to intimately know the ins […]

Sample Sunday: I Zombie I

Chapter 3: The bite Cowardice be damned. I had to go look. When I arrived I immediately noticed Flaky had disappeared. The man bled out from hundreds of bites when I saw him last, but somehow he managed to pull himself up and amble off. My first thought regarding Flaky’s disappearance was someone must have […]

I Zombie I update

It’s been a frustrating week for our dear friend Jack and his book I Zombie I. Why is that? Well, after much consideration and attempts to salvage the digital recorder Jacob used in the book, it was ultimately decided the device simply didn’t work. After three or four attempts at re-tooling the text, the recorder […]