Autumnal Press

I hope to have my own digital book press up and running soon. I am working on the details of this venture (that may take a while), but I have decided upon a name and a logo. I will begin this venture by publishing my own books under the label. Hopefully I will expand to […]

A Blade Away

The first entry in the “fringe-killer” series finds a young female detective and her flamboyant partner up against a killer, the likes they have never seen. “Lakme” is a self-appointed messiah bringing his own special brand of salvation with a scalpel and a twisted sense of reality to local transgendered males. Driven to this course […]


Shero is not your ordinary super hero, that is unless you consider a cross dressing super hero a part of the norm. But unlike the every day super hero, Shero battles more than evil villains. Shero battles broken heels, runs in his stockings, broken nails, and the scorn of the public at large. In this […]


A killer from the past manages to escape the bonds of time and redefines “horror” for Jamie Davenport. In this new entry to the “fringe-killer” series, Gothica, Detective Davenport finds herself dealing with horror brought to life from the past. This time the killer is terrorizing the same building that was once a prison for […]