12 Days of Creepfest Contest!!! 5

Okay my lovelies, it’s time for a contest. And what better way to have a contest than to join the 12 Days of Creepfest! Creeptacular. Read on to find out how you can win all three books from my I Zombie trilogy!

Here’s the deal, you sexy fans: All you have to do is post a comment on this particular post about how you are best prepared to survive the on-coming zombie apocalypse. The most creative, well constructed answer will win the entire I Zombie trilogy in either .epub or .mobi format (suitable for nearly any ereader out there).

Please make sure you leave a valid email address (and your name) so I can contact you when the contest is over. I will be choosing the winner Zombie, er, Christmas Eve!!!!! And don’t worry, no email addresses will be harmed or collected in the process of of this contest.

Be creative. Be sexy. Get ready…get…GO!

Nom nom nom.

5 thoughts on “12 Days of Creepfest Contest!!!

  • Ash Krafton


    I’d leave out vats of club-soda soaked brains, bars of soap, and jazzy chairs. Maybe some orthopaedic shoes. (All these things help reduce leg cramps.)

    Then the zombies wouldn’t walk all goofy and they’d have relief from limping and they will praise me as their savior.

    And then, they will be mine. Mu-hahahahahahaha.

  • Becca


    Okay, I’d gather up all the a-holes I know by inviting them to a party. Then I would kill them, chop up their bodies, and throw the pieces to zombies who were intent on attacking me! Since they would be distracted by their ‘snack’ I could get away to live another day.

    Or, I could just put all the dead bodies in the back of the pick up and dump a couple off every now and again when the hordes get to close. *sigh* Decisions, decisions.

  • Jeremy

    First thing I would do is find a football helmet. Dom sure could have use one. And then for my hideout I would find a small gas station somewhere out in the desert. That way I could have plenty of gasoline on hand for fire bombs to kill the zombies. And we all know people in the middle of nowhere pack plenty of firepower so I am sure the place would be stocked with weapons like the guy in Maximum Overdrive. And of course on my way to my desert paradise I would “borrow” a big rig and stock the trailer with all the food and water I would need. Being in the desert I would also figure I am pretty isolated so I think there would be less zombies anyways. Plus since they are in the middle of nowhere there is most likely a radio and CB already there so I would call out to truckers on my CB and then they could come to me as well. They would of course be my “muscle”. And so I would sit back and enjoy the apocalypse.

  • Julie Jansen

    I would brush off the trunk with all Jason’s army gear and get the camo gear ready. I’d rip up the wall to wall carpet and sew it into protective leg and arm sheaths to protect against bites (thank you Mr. Maberry). I’d be sure the pantry was stocked and that the windows were boarded up. And be sure to have planted the garden. We’ll have to make trips out to tend the garden so we continue to have food. And we’ll use our baseball bats and broomsticks to fight off any zombies that get in our way.

  • teressa oliver

    Survive? I have seen all the movies (love I Zombie, btw). No one survives. I am going to find the hottest nonzombie chick and make out until we are both eaten alive.

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